Section 708A Notice and Appendix 3B

Oilex advises that it has issued 341,300 ordinary shares following receipt of a notice to exercise 341,300 listed 15 cent options expiring 7 September 2015.

Oilex gives notice under section 708A(5)(e) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act) that:

1. Oilex issued the Shares without disclosure to investors under Part 6D.2 of the Act;

2 as at the date of this notice, Oilex has complied with:
(a) the provisions of Chapter 2M of the Act as they apply to Oilex; and
(b) section 674 of the Act; and

3 as at the date of this notice, there is no information that is ‘excluded information’ within the meaning of sections 708A(7) and 708A(8) of the Act.

The Company advises that application has also been made for the admission to trading on AIM and it expects the shares to be admitted to trading on AIM on 31 July 2015.

Notice 708 and Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options