Section 708 Notice

This notice is given by Oilex Ltd (ACN 078 652 632) (ASX/AIM: OEX) (Oilex) under section 708AA(2)(f) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act) as notionally modified by Australian Securities and Investment Commission Class Order 08/35 (CO 08/35). 

As announced today, Oilex is undertaking a renounceable rights issue of 1 new fully paid ordinary Oilex share (Share) for every 4 Shares held by eligible shareholders on the record date for the rights issue (Rights Issue). It is expected that 169,476,510 Shares (Rights Issue Shares) will be offered for issue pursuant to the Rights Issue.

Oilex gives notice that:
(a) the Rights Issue Shares will be offered for issue without disclosure under Part 6D.2 of the Act;
(b) this notice is being given under section 708AA(2)(f) of the Act as notionally modified by CO 08/35;
(c) as at the date of this notice, Oilex has complied with:
i. the provisions of Chapter 2M of the Act as they apply to Oilex; and
ii. section 674 of the Act;
(d) as at the date of this notice, there is no excluded information of the type referred to in sections 708AA(8) and 708AA(9) of the Act that is required to be set out in this notice; and
(e) the issue of the Rights Issue Shares is not expected to have any material effect or consequence on the control of Oilex.