Cambay-77H - Interim Flow-back Update

• Cambay-77H continues to recover light oil and frac fluids
• Encouragingly, no formation water has been encountered during flow-back
• Flow-back results continue to show evidence that Cambay-77H can be a high      performance well

Oilex Ltd (ASX: OEX, AIM: OEX) is pleased to announce that Cambay-77H continues to produce light crude oil and gas as the well recovers frac water during clean-up. 

Cambay-77H crude oil recovered from flow-back operations is currently being transported to a nearby refinery for sale, where it attracts a price similar to Bonny Light Crude. Gas produced concurrently with crude oil during flow-back continues to be flared to ensure safety of all well-site personnel. 

Samples of the oil, gas and water have been shipped to facilities for analysis. Preliminary analyses of the recovered water have been received and confirm that the water is consistent with frac water and not formation water. Oilex is currently awaiting analysis results for the oil and gas samples.

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Cambay-77H - Interim Flow-back Update