Trading Halt

In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 17.1 Oilex Ltd (ASX: OEX, AIM: OEX) hereby requests an immediate trading halt on the Company’s securities from the commencement of trading Friday 10 August 2018.

In accordance with Listing rule 17.1, Oilex provides the following information:

  1. The trading halt is requested pending an announcement by Oilex in relation to an update on the Event of Default Notice issued in regard to the Cambay PSC;
  2. Oilex requests the trading halt to remain in place until the earlier of such time as it makes an announcement to the market in relation to the Event of Default Notice and the commencement of trading on Tuesday 14 August 2018; and
  3. Oilex is not aware of any reason why the trading halt should not be granted or of any other information necessary to inform the market about the trading halt.
Trading Halt