Oilex are not hiring at this point time. If you have been contacted by a recruitment agent portraying to be Oilex please do not provide them with any information.

Recruitment Fraud

It has come to our attention that certain individuals and/or organisations are offering false employment opportunities on behalf of Oilex.  Please be aware that these recruitment scams and communications do not originate nor are they associated with Oilex’s recruitment process.

Oilex does not send questionnaire based interviews then request money or payments from applicants at any point in our recruitment process.  We do not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates an advance fee of any kind.
Oilex’s formal recruitment process does not require you to send personal information such as passport and bank account details at an early stage of our recruitment process.
Oilex email addresses always end in "" Any email purporting to be from Oilex which uses a different format is not genuine.
If you believe you have been the victim of one of such recruiting scams, we recommend that you report the scam to authorities. These scams are such that we are not able to intervene to stop each and every instance of these frauds. By making the public aware of this, we hope to avoid and ultimately stop victims being caught in these scams.